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Hello and happy Thursday! You know what I find interesting is how every year they just keep coming out with new and fun baby items. I feel like we just had Jude yesterday and at that time we were totally “up to date” with all the best baby stuff. Now with baby number 2 on the way I have found so many new things that I can’t wait to use!

  1. These diaper bag clips for the stroller were recommended by a friend. I always just used to hang my bag over the handles but this makes life so much more easier!
  2. The Dockatot was something I just discovered recently. It allows for your baby to be able to sleep safely next to you. When I had Jude I was always so worried when he would be in the bed with us, because I didn’t want him to roll over or anyone to roll onto him. This Dockatot solves that problem! It allows your baby to lay safely in the bed next to you without any worry. Plus, I hear babies sleep like a dream in it!
  3. These rugs are so neat because they are machine washable! I never buy rugs because I feel like they will get ruined but the idea of being able to just put it in the washing machine is incredible. I can now safely put one in the nursery because if anything gets on it, I can just wash it. So neat.
  4. Baby photo cards are something I wish I did with Jude. I took a lot of pictures and videos but what’s cool about these ones are that they document the milestones on photo cards. You can just place them next to the baby when you take pictures. For example they say “today I rolled over” or “I am 12 weeks today.” I also love the soft colors of the Cotton Candy theme cards.
  5. This play gym caught my eye the minute I saw it. It’s made from all natural would and free of any harmful chemicals. I’m a totally hippie at heart so the “non-toxic, eco friendly, organic” style of this gym really spoke to me. And they are super adorable in style!
  6. These diaper bags are so cute! I was looking all over the internet for a stylish and functional diaper bag and when I stumbled upon this one I had to have it! I like the grey color as we are now going to use it for both children but I must say they have a blush color that is to die for! I also like that it can hang over your shoulder or be a back pack. Tom likes to wear  back packs so I am sure it will get great use. I also like that it doesn’t really look like one of those big bulky diaper bags, its really stylish.
  7. Lastly are these shopping cart hammocks. What a cool concept! I know I struggled with Jude when he was younger because he was still learning to balance his head. With these, they just lounge across the shopping cart so your little one can relax while you shop. I bet they are way more comfortable too.

Well, I am coming up on 32 weeks of my pregnancy and can honestly say I am in the nesting mode. We are cleaning the house, ordering everything for baby girl and getting ready for her arrival. I will be sure to share a review of the products once we test them out too!  Have a great rest of your day.

xo, Nicole

March 2, 2017
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  • Reply Elaine Rebochak

    Wonderful new products I will pass these on and get for gifts thank you

    March 6, 2017 at 10:12 am
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