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Since I have been home with little Jude there are a few items that I have really grown to adore.

  1. The 4moms infant tub is pretty awesome. It lets the water run into one side and has a thermometer that turns green when the water is safe and red when it is too hot. The water then trickles over and into where the baby is. You can use it in the sink or tub. Jude just loves it.

2. The Rock n Play has been a total lifesaver. It was recommended by a girlfriend of mine when I told her I was having such a hard time with him napping and sleeping. I use it to get him into a deep sleep and then transfer him to the bassinet when he is out. This thing has saved our lives and sleep. It is also really easy to transport and when I go to other peoples houses I bring it with me and he hangs out in that. Super versatile.

3. The Boppy pillow has been my best friend with breast feeding. I have to say I am very fortunate that breast feeding has been going well and the Boppy pillow makes it so much easier. I started in the hospital with it and it sits right next to the bed. It’s also really nice for other people to use too. When people come over and hold Jude, I put this on them while they are sitting on the couch and it gives them more security with holding him.

4. The Aden and Anais swaddle blankets are wonderful. I don’t really use them to swaddle him (he doesn’t like being swaddled at all) but they are great to cover him, use while nursing and to wipe up any extra messes he may make. They are light and airy and don’t make him too hot.

5. I can’t say enough good things about the Honest diapers. Since he has been wearing them he has not had one diaper rash. I ordered a bundle from their website and every bit of communication that I have had with the people from Honest & Co has been easy and accommodating. They even sent me sample packs to bring to the hospital when Jude was born. I love the diapers and wipes. I haven’t tried their cleaning products yet, but I am going to add them to my next order and see. I’ll keep you posted.

6. The Babyganics eczema cream is really great. Jude loves it when we apply it to his bottom. I use it all the time when I change his diaper as a protective barrier and have no complaints. He giggles when I rub it around and like I said earlier, no diaper rash as of yet! I like the whole Babyganics line. I use the foaming hand sanitizer, laundry detergent and dryer sheets too.  Jude hasn’t had any skin irritation at all. Fingers crossed this continues!

7. Lastly, the Mamaroo. This little device has been a huge help. It can even mimic a car ride. I have it downstairs and Jude goes in it all the time. You can plug in your phone and I play lullaby radio for him. He just sits in there and looks around. There has been times when he is so fussy and I just stick him in there and it calms him down in no time. It’s a little pricey but totally worth it.

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