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Since I have become pregnant I have been searching high and low for little things I could add to my life to make things easier.

First and foremost, a must is the “What To Expect When Your Expecting” book. It has been such a great reference for my hubby and I (There is even a “section for Daddies to be”). They also have an awesome “app” that you can download to your mobile phone. I love how every week it sends me an alert of how many weeks along I am and what the size of my baby is via a fruit or veggie. This week baby DiMarco is the size of a lemon.

Having a background in medicine I know the importance of making sure your body has the right nutrients, especially during pregnancy. A pre-natal vitamin rich in folic acid (at least 800mcg) is the most important. In addition, this particular one by Honest & Co comes with so much more, probiotics which are good for digestion and a whole food complex.

Moisture is key to prevent stretch marks. This oil by Belli, in particular has gotten great reviews. I like the ingredients; lavender, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, cocoa butter. I rub it all over anywhere that may be stretching and it smells good too.

A pregnancy journal is great to carry around with you. This one has sold over 1 million copies. This way you won’t forget all the little amazing (and not so great) parts of pregnancy. It’s also good to write down things you learned along the way so for future pregnancies you can look back and have this as a reference. You can also share it with girlfriends in the future that are new-to-be mommies too.

Lastly, I am all about smells right now. This lavender sleep pillow mist by Bath & Body Works is to die for. Just a soft spray right onto your pillow before bed and you drift off to dreamland in a nice and relaxing way. Lavender is the best scent for relaxing and being pregnant the spectrum of ways to relax is limited (it’s not like the old glass of wine can do it for me right now). So I’ve found this is a great way to un-wind, especially after a hectic day.


January 28, 2015
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