Favorite Parenting Books

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Parenting Books

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1. Bringing up Bebe: This one was such a fun read. I am honestly obsessed with all things Parisian so when I stumbled across this book it was a must read for me. It’s about an American woman who moves to France and shares her insights on Parisian parenting. It had a lot of great insights that I have implemented into my own parenting style to this day. 

2. Brain rules for Baby: My top parenting book! I can’t recommend it enough! It focuses on how to raise a smart and well rounded child. A lot of surprises when it comes to how to develop intelligence in children. Loved this one so much.

3. Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World: I think the name says it all. It changes the way of how you want to raise your children by providing them with what they need, teaching them to be respectful and learning that sometimes saying “No” is the best thing for them.

4. The Whole Brain Child: This book is a best seller for a reason. It teaches anyone who raises a child how to support their emotional intelligence and turn every day interactions into brain shaping moments.

5. How to Talk so Kids will Listen: I bought this book when Jude turned 18 months as I was starting to have a difficult time communicating with him. Once I got through the first few chapters the dynamic’s of how I spoke to him and how he responded to me changed tremendously. It also helped me understand his current developmental state so I was able to better communicate with him.

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September 16, 2017
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