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And this quote couldn’t be more true..

If there is one thing I believe in more than anything else, it is the power of our minds. What one can conceive in their mind, they can achieve in their life. (If you focus and work hard enough!) And that belief is something I have lived by my entire life.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve dreamt of moving to the northern part of the US. I have always pictured myself living somewhere where time just moves a little slower. Where driving in your car consists of winding roads and on each side of the road is fields full of flowers and farm animals. A place where there are four seasons and where October is full of hay rides with haunted corn fields. Where it snows during Christmas and snow men are a real thing. And finally that dream is coming true!

I have grown up in South Florida for most of my life. As a little girl though, I used to spend every summer in Pennsylvania with my father. However, after he passed away in 1998 I stopped visiting  Pennsylvania as often. Coincidently, my husband Tom is from Pennsylvania too. (I am from Pittsburgh and he is from Erie, which is about 1.5 hours away from each other.) When we started dating I was over the moon excited to go back to PA and visit his family frequently through out the years. Having the opportunity to spend my summers up there as a kid combined with our yearly trips up north, continued to give me a taste of northern living that I just loved. I knew in my heart that one day I’d end up back in Pennsylvania. It was just going to take time. 

 These “real” thoughts about moving started recently after the birth of our son. After he was born we started talking about long term goals as a family. Both of us agree that we do not want to raise a family here in South Florida. Things have just changed so much since I was a child here and we feel PA will be a better environment for Jude (and our future kiddos) to grow up. 

A few months ago we got the ball rolling.  I went on a few interviews in both Pittsburgh and Erie, just to see what other opportunities were out there. I ended up with several offers and recently settled on a great position in Erie, still working in the field of Psychiatry. 

(In case you were wondering, Tom is lucky enough to work from home so he can live / go anywhere as long as he has a cell phone and access to the Internet.)

From what I have seen, everything is much more different in the northeastern US in such a good way. People value family life so much more. They are less judgemental, have manners, hold doors open for others and say “please & thank you,” much more than I see here in Florida. 

So, piece by piece things have been falling into place. Now, we can confidently say we have decided to make the big move up North! 

We are going to be relocating to Pennsylvania very soon and I can not wait to see what this next chapter of our lives will bring us. Cheers!

May 13, 2016
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    Hi Nicole, I work with Tom’s Aunt at Panache 🙂 I’ve followed your blog before I knew the relation to Tom and the family. Congratulations on the big news, how exciting!

    May 13, 2016 at 3:28 pm
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