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    Daily make-up routine

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    BB Cream | Concealer | Powder | Bronzer | Blush | Eyebrow Color | Eye Shadow | Mascara | Lip Color

    Recently I have been trying out a bunch of new different types of make-up. Through trial and error I have found a pretty good combination of products that seem to work great with my skin. My morning routine usually consists of morning snuggles with Jude bug and a nice hot shower followed by a big cup of coffee as I sit down to get ready for the day. I don’t like a lot of fuss when it comes to applying products and I can probably put my morning make-up on in about 15 minutes.

    First I apply a BB cream. For me, it’s important to have one that has sunscreen, doesn’t make me oily and lasts all day. The one I use now is also a primer which keep the rest of my make-up in place all day. You can find it here.

    Next, I apply concealer under my eyes (my best friend as of late since I have not been sleeping much with Jude) and where ever else it may be needed. The one I am currently using I like because it does not look “cakey.” It is found here.

    Then I apply a loose powder all over. I go for powders that contain “talc.” Talc helps to keep your skin looking matte and prevents shine/oil build up. Currently using this one found here.

    Next I apply bronzer to give me that “sun kissed” look. The one I use now even smells yummy! Found here. Followed by blush, found here.

    Then I fill in my eyebrows with this, using this brush, followed by clear mascara to keep them in place.

    For my every day lip color, I like the lip pencil found here, color “Patent Pink.”

    Lastly, for my eyes I use an every day color from Urban Decay, called “Sellout” found here. Followed by a coat of mascara found here. Mascara is the most important beauty product to me. If there was only one piece of make-up I could wear daily, it would be mascara. There is just something about long eye lashes that I love!

    Well there you have it! My morning make-up routine. Tommy comes home tomorrow from his work trip and I couldn’t be more excited. He has been gone for the past two weeks and trying to take care of a 9 week old all alone has not been the easiest. Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous day!

    All my best, Nicole

    October 8, 2015

    Lipstick finds

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    Lipsticks: Russian Red | Dark Side | Speed Dial

    I’m breaking out of my comfort zone and embracing some dark colors of lipstick this fall. After spending a while at the MAC counter yesterday I fell in love with these three colors. I’m excited to see how they look with my upcoming fall outfits.

    September 30, 2015