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I know it’s been a while since I have given birth but this post is long over due. I wanted to share some postpartum essentials that I couldn’t have lived without after I had Jude. Hopefully this info can make you future mommy’s lives a little bit more easier and comfortable when you’re home after birth. This is a pretty transparent post so I apologize in advance if it seems like TMI.

  1. These nursing bra’s are hands down my fav. They are reasonably priced, comfortable and still look pretty. They are also easy to clip in and out so it makes nursing easier.
  2. This lanolin cream is a MUST if you will be breast feeding. It’s like chap stick for your nipples. (I also used it on my lips sometimes, it makes them feel like silk!) Also, it’s not harmful at all if the baby tastes it too since it is all natural. Buy it in bulk!
  3. These pants are so soft & comfortable. They are perfect for lounging around the house and not too tight on your body which is exactly what you need post-birth. I still wear them to this day.
  4. I learned about these gel soothie pads in prenatal yoga. My yoga buddy bought them for me. I would keep them in the refrigerator and it was like euphoria when I put them on. When you first start nursing your nipples get chapped and sore and these little babies saved my life!
  5. This baby wrap is hands down my favorite baby wearing item. At first I could not get anything done around the house because Jude just wanted to be close to me. Once I started wrapping him on me I was able to do so much more.
  6. Nursing pads are also a must. Once you start nursing, the sound of your baby crying can make your nipples start leaking so I always had these in my bra, even at night. They have a sticky back side and stay in your bra for all day wear.
  7. A comfy robe is a must because lets face it, there are going to be days when clothes just aren’t in the cards. You are so tired, sleep deprived, and exhausted that a simple robe does the trick. It’s also really easy to nurse too this way you don’t have to lift up your shirt 24/7.
  8. Now these are something that I swear by. I stumbled across a mommy blog and they swore by wearing Depends after birth. Instead of using pads and ruining your underwear or risking them not be absorbent enough, just forget the pads all together and get the disposable underwear. I loved them! Some things people don’t talk about is how much you bleed after having a baby. From 2-4 weeks you can bleed. I didn’t want to have to go through the constant worry so I bought Depends and just threw them away as needed. It may seem funny, but trust me, you’ll thank me later!
  9. Another things is this Dermoplast spray, (make sure you get the blue top.) You spray all around and it numbs everything down there and really makes you more comfortable. After birth you will be so sore and this helps a ton with the pain!


March 9, 2016
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