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Sharing some exciting news! In case you missed our announcement last week, Tom and I are beyond excited to announce we are expecting again. It’s been so hard keeping it a secret!

We started trying again after Jude turned one and found out I was pregnant at the end of August. I didn’t feel any different at first and only took the test because I missed my cycle. After a couple of weeks though, morning sickness surely kicked in. This pregnancy so far has been totally different than when I was pregnant with Jude. With Jude I barley felt pregnant! I got sick maybe twice. It was the easiest pregnancy and I guess you can say he set the bar high. From about 5 weeks to even now I have been soooo sick! I wake up nauseous and go to bed nauseous. I haven’t had energy to do anything at all and everyday when I come home from work I just have to lay down and rest. Thank goodness Tom has been so supportive during this time. It’s crazy how each pregnancy can be so different!

With the more sick I became I began to wonder if maybe that meant I was having a girl? I then looked up all the wives tails online and was surprised that I fit the bill for most of them too; I have been craving sweets, I’m breaking out all over my face (they say girls steal your beauty?) and when we went for the first ultrasound the heart rate was high, 161! Needless to say, on my 30th birthday last week we got a call from my OB that the results from the Harmony test were in. My mom had flown into town at that time and we all were sitting in the living room. I quickly put my phone on speaker phone and told the lady on the phone that I couldn’t wait to know because I already had a little boy. And then she said “well congratulations, he is going to have a little sister!” We all started jumping up and down and screaming with excitement. I know the old wives tales are just old wives tales but hey it worked for me!!

Getting that news on my 30th birthday was the best gift I could ever ask for! We then called everyone in our family and told them the gender. What a great day that was.

Tom and I feel beyond blessed to welcome another life into this world and little miss baby D will be making her debut end of April 2017.

And you know what else that means? New pregnancy posts! I’ll be sharing soon some of my current first trimester favorites and what I have been doing to help my morning sickness soon. Hopefully I start feeling better soon. I just entered my second trimester and am still battling this nausea and fatigue. Fingers crossed!

Well have a great day everyone and thanks for letting me share this exciting news with you!

November 1, 2016
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