My first Mother’s Day 

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Tommy went above and beyond for my first Mother’s Day this year. I woke up to what felt like Christmas morning and rushed downstairs to find the table full of surprises. From fresh flowers to a beautiful necklace, he really out did himself. That beautiful little statue of the Mother and Son really melted my heart and the poem it came with was the icing on the cake. I honestly cried when I saw everything.

After I opened my gifts I hoped in the shower and got ready for the day. I went to Whole Foods on Saturday and picked up a bunch of items for a healthy breakfast for my mom and her friends.  I made everyone yogurt parfaits with organic vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries, gluten free granola and then topped them off with a sprinkle of chia seeds. Tommy ran to Publix that morning and surprised us with champagne and OJ. (Woo hoo!) After breakfast we then headed off to the spa.

I organized the spa day a few weeks ago because I wanted to do something fun for all of us mommies.  When we all got to the spa, we were brought to the ladies room, changed into big comfy robes and relaxed in the tea room. Shortly after, we were each called back for our services and afterwards we headed off to sit & relax by the pool.  The weather was a nice 74 degrees and it was a perfect day to sit outside and relax after my massage.

After the spa, I headed home and got ready for brunch. Tommy booked us reservations at this intimate little place by our home called Vienna Wine Cafe. They had a buffet style with a wide variety of brunch foods that ranged from salads, omelets, prime rib and a ton of desserts. My mom, Tom, Jude and I all sat around the table and laughed while little Jude tried a few new foods. His faces are priceless when he tries something new, they range from looks of disgust to raising one eyebrow in excitement for more. He munched on shredded turkey, pieces of bread, pieces of potatoes and green beans. We left the restaurant so full, I think we even ended up skipping dinner.

Overall the day went by so fast and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. It was the perfect combination of relaxation and family time. A few weeks ago when Tom asked me what I wanted for Mother’s day all I said was “to just relax “and that’s exactly what happened.

Well, I hope all you mommies out there had a wonderful day as well.  And even though the day was spent on “Me”, I can’t help but focus on the true meaning of Mother’s day. The gift of being a Mother. Every morning when I wake up I get to see my beautiful son. His big brown eyes looking up at me is the  purest kind of love and that my friends is a true gift EVERY day.

xo, Nicole

May 10, 2016
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