Jude’s Newborn Photos (and the truth behind them)

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Here is a little something to make you smile on this “happy” hump day because lets face it, what’s cuter than a sweet little newborn sleeping so peacefully?

I received Jude’s newborn pictures recently and I have to say I am completely blown away by how great they all turned out. Lauren, from Lauren Cruz Photography did such a great job. She is not only extremely talented with photography but she has an amazing way with babies.

The funny thing about newborn pictures is that they aren’t what they seem to be, to me at least. When I booked the date to take pictures of Jude, I thought we were just going to pop right in, take some photo’s of this sweet baby sleeping and leave. Boy, was I wrong. I am sure it’s like that for some people but not for Mr. Jude. You can’t tell by the pictures but this boy did not want to cooperate on picture day.  The minute we took his diaper off (to take those adorable naked pictures) Jude freaked out. He hated being naked! He screamed, cried, peed and even pooped all over me. (I literally looked like someone squirted yellow mustard all over my jeans. TMI?)  Anyways, after hours and hours of making sure he was clothed and soothed, Lauren was able to rock him back to sleep for each photo set. Something that I thought would take an hour or so, ended up being an all day affair but it was so worth it.

I have to say, I give baby photographers a lot of credit! The work that went into each photo of Jude was tremendous. Thank you so much, Lauren. I am so in love with each picture and so glad we did them.

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