Favorite Pregnancy Moisturizers

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Today I am talking about some of my favorite pregnancy skincare moisturizer’s. A good skincare routine is something I think is very important, especially during pregnancy when our hormones change and so can the chemistry of our skin. This time around my skin has definitely been more sensitive than when I was pregnant with Jude. Thankfully, I have recently found a great combination of products and that is why I had to share! My skin has cleared up and looking more vibrant than ever.

First I’d like to talk about Eminence. This skin care line is just wonderful. It is all organic and natural, which is perfect for pregnancy. I have tried many other organic lines but this one has been my favorite by far. I like the “Bright Skin” line as I do have some hyperpigmentation and it works naturally on evening out skin tone. I currently use the moisturizer in the morning, you can find it here. What I like about the moisturizer is that it keeps my skin soft and hydrated without getting oily. At night I use the masque as my night moisturizer, you can find it here. The masque works similar to the moisturizer except it is thicker and more repairing. Both products are also full of other ingredients that are good for the skin too. They work to help reduce inflammation, reduce redness and calm irritated skin. This worked great for me when I was breaking out in the beginning of pregnancy and calmed down my skin without breaking me out more.

Next is my eye gel. Fresh makes an incredible line of skin care products too and I have always been a fan of them. Their eye gel, found here, works great on puffiness and keeps the skin under your eyes looking hydrated all day. I purchased this eye gel shortly after I had Jude when I was struggling with such fatigue during the day. It really helped me look “not so tired.” What I like about the gel over cream is that it keeps the skin hydrated without looking too oily, which is what I have seen with other eye creams.

Lastly is my Mama’s belly butter, found here. I used this avidly with Jude and am currently stretch mark free. So the minute I found out I was pregnant again this was my first purchase. I started using it immediately so when I do start stretching my belly is ready to go. Not only do I use it on my belly but also anywhere else that my stretch with pregnancy, for me this includes my breasts and hips.

Well, there you have it! These are my favorite skincare moisturizers. Pregnancy can be such an interesting time for our bodies but finding good products can definitely help. Have a great day everyone.

November 9, 2016
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