Down by the lake 

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If there is one thing I just adore, it’s seeing Jude embrace new experiences. We walked over to the lake by our home last week and he saw ducks for the first time! He was blown away when they came waddling by, jumping up and down with excitement. 

However, within minutes he wasn’t phased anymore and quickly became curious of his surroundings. Looking around in every direction, he just soaked it all in. We usually go for walks in his stroller but now that he is balancing on his feet (and kind of taking steps) I let him stand around on his own this time. 

I swear this little boy is going to do some type of work that pertains to being outside when he gets older. He just LOVES being outdoors. At home we can sit him in his high chair and park him in front of the window for an hour. He loves watching the wind blow in the trees and people who go walking by. The other day we had a huge storm and he was so absorbed in watching the rain fall. Every time I tried to move him from the window he freaked out. Jude loves good old Mother Nature, that’s for sure!

Uh, this boy is growing way to fast. I can’t believe he is going to be one soon. I wish I could just freeze him right now. Everyone always said to enjoy it because it goes by fast, but this fast? Time slow down! 

On another note, we have some BIG exciting news to share. I’ll be posting about it soon so stay tuned!

xo, Nicole

May 12, 2016
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