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    Hey guys! So the website / app where I link all of my items in my photo’s on Instagram is making things a lot easier. You can just download the app to your phone and follow me on there to see all of the things I link. I know people were having issues in the past where you would have to like a photo on Instagram and then have to wait for the products to get emailed to your inbox but now you don’t have to do that anymore! Just go to the link here and you can see all of the photo’s with the items I’ve linked to them. Also, the option to download the app should pop up when you open it up on your phone and you can search me on there too. I use the same username as I do on Instagram which is NicDiMarco. I have also added a “” tab to the top header of my blog too, to make things easier!

    I hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday. We got back from Florida on Sunday night and I am already missing the warm weather.

    Best, Nicole

    February 6, 2018