Favorite Parenting Books

Parenting Books

1. Bringing up Bebe: This one was such a fun read. I am honestly obsessed with all things Parisian so when I stumbled across this book it was a must read for me. It’s about an American woman who moves to France and shares her insights on Parisian parenting. It had a lot of great insights that I have implemented into my own parenting style to this day. 

2. Brain rules for Baby: My top parenting book! I can’t recommend it enough! It focuses on how to raise a smart and well rounded child. A lot of surprises when it comes to how to develop intelligence in children. Loved this one so much.

3. Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World: I think the name says it all. It changes the way of how you want to raise your children by providing them with what they need, teaching them to be respectful and learning that sometimes saying “No” is the best thing for them.

4. The Whole Brain Child: This book is a best seller for a reason. It teaches anyone who raises a child how to support their emotional intelligence and turn every day interactions into brain shaping moments.

5. How to Talk so Kids will Listen: I bought this book when Jude turned 18 months as I was starting to have a difficult time communicating with him. Once I got through the first few chapters the dynamic’s of how I spoke to him and how he responded to me changed tremendously. It also helped me understand his current developmental state so I was able to better communicate with him.

xo, Nicole

Favorite Baby Finds

  1. Fawn Design diaper bag: Hands down the best diaper bag I have ever owned. I love that you can wear it as a back pack and that it is super stylish too. Every time I wear it I get so many compliments on it!
  2. Petit Pehr Storage Bins: I love these storage bins not only because they are super cute but because they come in so many different sizes. I have one large one that I use to hold all of Lilah’s swaddles and also have the smallest one on my nightstand that I use to hold diapers, wipes and baby stuff. Since Lilah is still sleeping in our room it is nice to have those things in my room instead of having to walk all the way to her room in the middle of the night.
  3. Fisher Price Snuggapuppy swing: This is Lilah’s favorite! We love the Mamaroo too but this swing will keep her asleep for hours. She loves taking her daytime naps in it.
  4. SwaddleMe swaddle set: Lilah loves to be swaddled and I had to find a good swaddle that would keep her from “hoodie-ing” her arms out of it and these seem to do the trick. They are not too expensive which I appreciate since they grow so fast!
  5. Comotomo baby bottles: Comotomo reached out to me and mailed me these bottles to try and I absolutely fell in love with them! I immediately purchased more and have to say they are definitely one of my favorite bottles. They are great for mothers who breastfeed since they are similar to a breast in their shape.
  6. Brain Rules for Baby: Hands down this is my favorite baby book. It gives so many great insights on how to raise a well rounded child. I truly loved reading this book so much I have read it twice now!
  7. Dohm sound machine: Best invention ever! We have one of these sound machines in every room in our house now. Babies love that “hushing” sound and it keeps Lilah and Jude asleep all night.
  8. Baby Bling bows: These are my favorite bows for Lilah. I love how many colors they come in and they are super light. They don’t leave that heavy indentation that some bows do. And they are just the cutest!
  9. Gap Baby sleepwear: I love Baby Gap for all their clothes! They have the cutest outfits and I love their sleepwear. I always make sure to buy sleepwear that zippers because it makes late night diaper changes so much easier.
  10. DockAtot: This thing is the absolute best! I found out about the DockAtot when I was pregnant with Lilah and I truly wish I had it with Jude. We put Lilah to sleep in it all swaddled up and I kid you not, she sleeps from 8pm to 7am! She has been sleeping this long since she was 8 weeks old and I swear it is because of this!

What I think is quite comical is that when I got pregnant with Lilah I thought I had it all figured out! I swore I would know exactly what to do when I had her because I figured it out with Jude. Boy, was I wrong. Every baby is soooo different! Most of the things that Jude liked Lilah didn’t and it took me a while to figure out what she did and didn’t like. The reason I say this is because what works for me/Lilah might not work for you but it is definitely worth a shot to try! And like always I am an open book when it comes to any questions about kiddos so always feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have! (The comment button is on the top by the title of this post.)

Xo, Nicole


Isn’t She Lovely – Lilah’s Nursery Reveal

Floral Nursery-10 Floral Nursery-1 Floral Nursery-3 Floral Nursery-8 Floral Nursery-2 Floral Nursery-4 Floral Nursery-7 Floral Nursery-6 Floral Nursery-9 Floral Nursery-5 Floral Nursery-11

I have to say interior design is such a passion of mine and I am beyond excited to finally share Lilah’s nursery with you! When I found out I was having a little girl one of the first things I started to think about was how I was going to design her nursery. During my pregnancy I would play “Isn’t she lovely” by Stevie Wonder on my way to work and sing to her in the car. So, when I was looking for nursery inspiration online I stumbled across an “Isn’t she lovely” wall sign and thought that would be a great theme for a nursery! I wanted something light, airy and whimsical for her and have to say I am so happy with how it turned out! I have linked everything in her nursery below. If you have questions about anything at all (sizes of items, etc.) feel free to ask in the comment section.

Crib: Franklin and Ben

Dresser: DaVinci Baby

Glider: DaVinci Baby 

Knit Pouf: Restoration Hardware

Crib Sheet: Little Unicorn from The Baby Cubby

Crib Skirt: Pottery Barn Kids 

Quilt: Pottery Barn Kids

Swaddle Storage Bin: Petit Pehr from The Baby Cubby

Pink Peony Muslin Quilt: Little Unicorn from The Baby Cubby

 Hamper: Pottery Barn Kids

Gold Side Table: Home Goods, similar here

Diaper pail: Ubbi Diaper Pail 

Wall shelf: Target

Changing pad cover: Little Unicorn

Floral Mobile and Letter: Etsy

Rug: Target

 Mirror: Home Goods, similar here

Gold Picture Frames: Home Goods

Isn’t She Lovely Wall Art: Etsy 

Floral Wall Art: Etsy

Lamb Rocker: Rockabye Rockers

Chambray Giraffe: Restoration Hardware

Plush Bunny: Pottery Barn Kids

 LOVE pillow: Restoration Hardware

Annicke Mouse: Hazel Village 

“Lilah” Custom Name Sign: Gifted from a girlfriend.

Baby Moccasins: Sweet n Swag 

xo, Nicole

Her Shower Box- Dream Catcher Shower Box

Hello everyone! Since my last post, miss Lilah Grace DiMarco has made her debut and we couldn’t be more proud. We have just been taking it easy at home and trying to adjust to this new dynamic as a family of four.

While I was pregnant I was sent a “Her Shower Box- Dream Catcher Shower Box” created by Figure 8 Maternity and I couldn’t wait to review it once Lilah got here. The box I received was full of nursing friendly goodies which has really made my transition at home a lot easier.

Here is a little more background about these “Her Shower Boxes”: Figure 8 Maternity wanted a way to create easy gifts at a great price for Moms. The birth boxes are great for baby shower gifts or anytime gifts for all Moms, not just for baby anymore. There are 10 different themed boxes for Moms at different times in their life, whether they are an expecting Mom, new Mom or Mom of more. The gift giver can also let them know the gender of the baby and they can customize the organic buddy that is included in each box. A personalized message can also be included. Lastly, shipping is easy and free!

I received the Dream Catcher Shower Box which included: A nursing pajama set, a dream catcher necklace, gourmet munchies, Motherlove birth and baby oil and an organic buddy for baby girl. I honestly love all of the items in the box. The pajama set is made of the softest material and the nursing friendly top makes feeding Lilah so much easier. The cookies are super yummy and it’s great they are known to boost milk supply. Also, the baby oil smells so good and it calms Lilah (and myself) down at night. It’s made with my favorite smell, Lavender oil which is very soothing. I put it on Lilah after her bath at night and right before she goes to bed. I really like how every item in the box was so thought out and has been useful.

Overall, I have to say these “Her Shower Boxes” are such a great and thoughtful idea. During times of pregnancy it usually is all about the baby and it’s nice to feel comforted being the Mom. I think they would make for a great gift for all Moms; expecting, new and mom’s of more! It sure has made my time at home a little more comfortable. Be sure to check out all of the different themed box’s over at Figure 8 Maternity. You can view them all here.

xo, Nicole

Must Have Baby Items

Must have baby items

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These are the top must have baby items that I just couldn’t live without when we had Jude. Needless to say, we have them all ready to go this time around again!

  1. This sound machine is my favorite! It creates a white noise that keeps your baby sleeping all night and blocks out all of those extra noises such as having the TV on in a separate room. We used to have it in our room when he slept next to us and once we moved him into his nursery we realized how much better we slept better with it! (I am seriously contemplating on buying one for our room.)
  2. Out of all the items on this list, this one is the biggest must have! When we first had Jude he would not sleep in anything but this. We tried every fancy bassinet and nothing seemed to work. I was a sleepless zombie until a friend recommended we try the Rock n Play and it made all the difference in the world. The first night he slept 5 hours in it. Just make sure you get the one that automatically rocks because the last thing you need is to be manually rocking it in the middle of the night.
  3. These swaddles are a total must have. I am such a huge fan of Aden + Anais because all of their products are such great quality. I used these blankets as swaddles when Jude was an infant, as a light blanket when he get older and even to cover myself when I nursed him in public. They are soft, airy and come in the cutest patterns!
  4. This bath tub is amazing. It allows the water to flow in on one side so you know the temperature before it runs onto your little one. It’s so hard for me to tell if the water is “too hot” because I have such a high tolerance for heat. (Tom always tells me I take the hottest showers.) So this little bath tub took all my worries away. It turns bright green when the temperature is just right and you can place your baby in there at ease. Also, it allows you the option to open up the side and let the water run out so the fresh water circulates around.
  5. Hooded towels are also a must. It’s important to keep your little ones head covered when they leave the water so they don’t loose too much body heat. These hooded towels from Aden + Anais are so soft and absorbent, I just love them.
  6. Honest diapers are another favorite. We used them with Jude from day one and he never really got any diaper rashes until he got older (from eating more acidic foods.) If you read about chemical irritants in diapers you will be amazed at some of the things other diapers have in them. I love the Honest Company diapers and am definitely signing up for one of their bundle packages for our little girl. Plus, their diapers come in the cutest patterns and on the Honest App you can pick them out monthly. His daycare always comments on how cute his little diapers are.
  7. Onesies that zip are definitely a must have! When you put your little one to bed at night use onsies that zip and not button. I was told about this at my baby shower with Jude and it was such great advice. The last thing you want to be doing in the middle of the night it trying to button up a onsies when you are half asleep. A quick diaper change and zippity-do-da and back to bed your baby goes.
  8. Tearless baby shampoo is a must and this one from Honest & Co is my favorite. I love the soft and calming lavender scent of this one. When you set up your bundle with Honest & Co every month you able to add 3 items for a discounted price and I always add this shampoo and the matching bubble bath.
  9. A nice stroller blanket is also a must have and these Dream Blankets from Aden + Anais are perfect. They are similar to the swaddles but have more weight to them, making them perfect for travel. I always like keeping a little blanket on them while they are in the stroller and intend to use this one. The material is light enough to use during the Spring and Summer too!
  10. I can’t say enough good things about the 4moms Mamaroo. Jude lived in this during the day time. It sways side to side and can even mimic a car ride. You can also plug your iPhone into the jack and play music on the speakers. It’s by far the best baby swing out there.
  11. Lastly, the Boppy lounger. This little lounger is great for when they are really little. You can have them sit on the couch next to you, on the table while you eat and on the bed. It keeps them safe and sound without you having to worry about them rolling away. I love that it allowed for Jude to always be so close to me. A total must have, especially for infants!

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